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I have always believed that you can’t beat dealing face to face with customers. This enables me to establish exactly what you require and I can advise you on the best stamp for your requirements. I have been dealing with customers face to face for many years and I enjoy it. I love meeting people and helping them.

I have browsed through many websites and always find with all of them that there is no personal contact. I feel as if I am talking to a computer. It’s very impersonal.

I will be personally available to you via cell phone or email, whichever you prefer.

The other advantage of you being able to talk to me direct is that it reassures you that I am real and not just a faceless computer. I really want to speak to you personally and look forward to many years of doing business with you.

Also if you need to query anything I will be only too happy to sort it out with you there and then.